No two people are the same and this also applies to the earwax. Some people do not secrete earwax much whilst others produce it in excess. Also, earwax buildup can be caused as a result of excessive earwax production within the ear canal, use of cotton buds, shape and size of the ear canals, age, and use of earplugs.

The presence of a small amount of wax is okay and actually healthy, whereas excessive/ impacted earwax buildup can impair hearing and may cause discomfort. In this case, earwax removal is necessary to relieve you of these symptoms. Our qualified audiologist will remove the wax deposit efficiently without stress.

We encourage the softening of wax as it makes removing ear wax more effective. Softening the wax within the ear canal can be done using olive oil twice or thrice a day for a week or so before the appointment date/time for treatment.

In any case, in which you observe any of the following, your ear might require the expertise of a professional. Some things to watch out for include tinnitus (ringing of the ear), pain, hearing impairment worsened after taking a bath, and discomfort in the ear.

If you notice any of these, it is a sign that you may need the help of specialists. A consultation can be booked with us to assess your ears.

Many GPs have stopped offering ear wax removal. Moreover, those still offering wax removal may still use the Syringing treatment method that may have contradictions in the long run. With endoscopic microsuction treatment with TheEarExpert, on the other hand, removing the wax is safer and quicker. We also care for your ears’ health and ensure everything is carefully handled from start to finish without complications.

Services rendered can be carried out at your home or any other place you feel comfortable at; if you do not want to come over to the clinic, we will come to you. We offer mobile earwax removal services to your satisfaction.

Has your ear been irritating you? Suffering with pain within the ear? Do you have a ringing sensation occurring within your ear? A blocked sensation or reduced hearing? This could be due to impacted earwax build up. TheEarExpert is always ready to hear from you at all times to render the best cleaning service.

If you have any enquiry to make regarding our services, our customer support are always available to assist you. Also, recommendations are welcomed, and we will be happy to hear from you.
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