About Us

TheEarExpert is a company founded with the desire to offer a safe and efficient earwax removal service to people at their convenience. A certified and qualified audiologist with over a decades’ worth of clinical experience in the health sector provides all your treatment. Our goal is to make it easy for people to lead a healthy and convenient lifestyle by offering the best ear care for relief from all earwax related symptoms.

We render services that are channeled towards the satisfaction of our customers and we can also bring our treatment to the comfort of your home – depending on your preference. We specialise in Endoscopic microsuction, designed to make earwax removal effective, safe and thorough. Ensuring better ear cleanliness and functionality is our baseline.

We have experience working within the NHS and with private sectors and we want to use our professionalism coupled with insight from the experience we have gathered to benefit our patients. Our patients are our utmost priority and we personalise the treatments to the patients needs. Whether you want to receive the treatment at our clinic or at a place of your choice – it is up to you; we deliver without stress.

An experienced audiologist is dedicated to treating your ear with care throughout the whole treatment process. The treatment offered is designed to be comfortable, easy and satisfactory. We just don’t clean the ear canal; we offer follow up advice on how to ensure your ear is always in good shape.

Our Lead Audiology Consultant is an ear care and hearing specialist that caters to both the young and old – we aim to provide the best service at all times. Feeling uncomfortable due to excessive earwax? Suffering with ear pain? Reach out to TheEarExpert for your treatment. We bridge the gap between the excessive waiting times associated with GP surgeries and patients treatment.

Mr Mubashir Mahmood

BSc (Hons)
Audiology Consultant
TheEarExpert Team Leader
HCPC registration number:

Adult Audiology, Hearing Aid Audiology and Cerumenology

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