About earwax

The body process of earwax production varies per individual; it could be very obvious in some, while it might go unnoticed in other people. The process through which the ear canal secrets earwax is known as Cerumenosis, while the oily wax is known as “Cerumen”. Cerumen prevents exposure to dust, foreign particles and micro-organisms that causes infections or other health-related problems. When present, it also prevents irritation caused by water.

Earwax is either yellow to brown in coloration and will move to the main ear opening, where it is lost over time. We all produce earwax, which is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. However, excessive secretion of earwax can result in ear blockage – though not always.

Causes of Earwax Buildup


The buildup of impacted earwax within the ear canal can be caused by excessive earwax production but this is not always the case. The tendency to produce excessive wax is a result of the ear itself as well as the individual body system.

Therefore, ear blockage may not always be due to excessive production of wax. Ear blockage could be caused by:

Signs & Symptoms of EarWax Buildup


When there is ear blockage within the ear, certain things are observed in the body. Some signs and symptoms of ear buildup include:
Infection debris can build up in the ear canal following an infection. Symptoms of infections include:

Microsuction treatment can be used to clear this debris from the ear canal also.

When to Seek Treatment for EarWax Buildup


In any case, you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms, request a consultation to assess the health of your ear. Your assessment will determine whether you need microsuction earwax removal treatment or not. You can be certain that TheEarExpert will give you the best care before, during and after treatment.